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2PCS Oclean SE / One / Air / X Replacement Brush Head for Z1 / X / SE / Air / One


Descriptions:u00a0Specially designed for Oclean SE / One / Air / X automatic sonic toothbrush. This replacement brush head kit adopts high-quality bristles, which provides better brushing experience With mini rounding head, the brush can get closer to clean the hard-to-reach interdental areas and remove the plaques and stains effectively. Come and ..

2PCS SWDK Fiber Mop for D Series Electric Floor Cleaning Machine


Main Features: - Powerful fiber material, effectively adsorb the fur and dust, get rid of the dirt, ensure the better decontamination performance- Durable quality, can be reused for many times - Attach the mop to the bottom of the floor cleaning machine directly when using, very convenient Package weight: 0.138 kg ..

Deerma DEM - HS200 1000W Portable Steam Ironing Machine


Main features:- Killing bacteria while removing wrinkle:Steam ironing, physically clean, no worry about the chemical residues. It gives you neat clothing without any hurt to your clothes or your body.- Dual-duct heating design:It could spurt out a large amount of steam in a short time to iron clothes. The heating temperature could be up to 180 Deg...

Deerma DEM - ZQ610 Multifunctional Steam Cleaner Handheld Tool


Features:- Equipped with 5 brush heads to solve the problem of cleaning the whole house- Equipped with two extension tubes for extended cleaning range- Using physical high temperature steam, no chemical hazards- Can continuously spray steam to easily dissolve stubborn stains- Thick aluminum alloy boiler, corrosion resistant and high pressure resist..

Deerma Wireless Portable Juicer


Features:- Press for 3 times to open the system. When taking out, there is no need to worry that it will be accidentally opened by hard objects- Portable design. Easy to carry- Wireless juicing. No wire restrictions, easy to carry around- Built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. After charging once, more than 6 cups of juice can be made continuouslySp..

ENCHEN BlackStone3 USB Charging LCD IPX7 Waterproof Wet and Dry Dual Use Electric Shaver


Main Features:u25cf Smart display design.u25cf IPX7 waterproof, washable body, wet and dry dual use.u25cf 3D independent floating cutter head, 1/3 shaving area more than normal double-head shaver.u25cf Ultra-thin double-ring cutter net increases the contact area between the net and the face, improving the shaving efficiency.u25cf Automatic sharper ..

Main Brush Filters Side Brushes Accessories for XIAOMI MI Robot


This Whole Kit,idea for repair or replace the damaged or old parts to renew your Robot Vacuum Cleaner.Effective HEPA Filter for Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleanerUnique design, easy to clean the dust boxdurable in usePractical side brushes for Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner Nylon brush, it will not scratch the floor and furnitureUnique design, easy to co..

Miaomiaoce Electric Nasal Wash Set


Parameter:Water temperature: 35 - 39 degrees CelsiusWater tank capacity: 200MLPower input: DC 5V 1ACharging line length: 1.5mMaterial: ABSCleaning salt parameters:Effective antibacterial ingredients and content: polyethylene arc content 0.15g / L - 0.25g / LValidity: 24 monthsDescription:(1) The nasal cavity is always uncomfortable, and it is easy ..

Mini Fan Air Conditioner


Main Features: u2022 ConvenientUSB powered and energy efficientu2022 Low power consumptionu2022 With LED mood light, 7 different colorsu2022 ABS, PC material, durable and safeu2022 Purify the hot dry air to the cool moist airu2022 Light weight and convenient to carryWarm Prompt:- The filter should be changed every 6 months or when your air condit..

Oclean Air Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Product Description:We brush our teeth every day, but are you really sure your teeth have cleaned? The traditional toothbrush is manual to clean our teeth that may not clean them thoroughly. And this could be a big threat to our oral hygiene. Oclean Air Sonic Electric Toothbrush can eliminate this annoyance for you. Work with Oclean App, you can fr..

Oclean One Sonic Electrical Toothbrush


Description:Nobody will refuse a big bright smile like an emoji style and that is exactly what Oclean One does to give you the confident smile and fresh breath with advanced technology. Oclean One Rechargeable Automatic Sonic Toothbrush offers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation BLDC motor an..

Oclean Replacement Brush Head for Z1 / X / SE / Air / One


Description:Adopting high-quality bristle to provide better brushing experience, this replacement brush head is specially designed for Z1 / X / SE / Air / One Automatic Sonic Toothbrush. With W-shaped design with mini rounding head, the brush can get closer to clean the hard-to-reach interdental areas and remove the plaque and stains effectively. A..

USB Rechargeable Hair Ball Trimmer


Features:- Eliminate all kinds of clothes due to improper cleaning, hair balls caused by friction- Install the alloy cutter head to sharpen and efficiently go to the ball- Honeycomb stainless steel mesh cover effectively captures more hair balls and is smooth and close to the body- Take it with you wherever you go, adapt to different fabric surface..

xiaolang Desktop Portable Sterilizer 18L


Removable Disinfection Butler Sun-drying or water boiling disinfection can't eliminate potential bacteria, and high-temperature disinfection could deform or melt some objects and produce harmful substances. Our desktop portable disinfection cabinet uses the UV disinfection and sterilization commonly used in the medical field, which could effectivel..

ZHIGAN M17 Rechargeable Hair Ball Trimmer


Features:- Elegant, simple and generous appearance, small size, easy to carry on business trips, ready to use, simple operation, slippery and clean- Applicable to cotton shirts, socks, sweaters, thermal underwear, scarf gloves, wool coats, sofa cushions, etc. All kinds of hair balls are easy to get- Honeycomb stainless steel mesh cover, effectively..

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